Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fashion Imitates Art, Art Imitates Fashion: Anselm Reyle For Dior

Dior has dazzled us again with the brand's latest collaboration with Berlin based designer Anselm Reyle. The eccentric artist known for neon flashes, cameo prints and bold statements has shaken up the Avenue Montaigne couture house with his fresh take on Dior's most coveted handbags and accessories.

"I loved working on the Lady Dior handbag. Most of my work build on objects that already exist, which I then transform. I applied the same philosophy," says Reyle.

The collection is filled with Dior favorites reinterpreted by Reyle with vivid bursts of color, fluorescent camouflage and metallic leathers. 

Anselm Reyle's Dior stunners made their debut at whimsical pop-up shop during Art Basel Miami Beach which concluded this past weekend. The exclusive collection will be available for purchase again in Dior boutiques on January 9th. 
For information please visit www.Dior.com -LX

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