Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Modern Take On A Classic, The Chanel "Boy" Bag

Imagine a Chanel bag without the signature quilting, no tweed in sight and absolutely no remnants of the coveted intercrossed c's. What kind of Chanel bag would that be? One of the new classics they say. Celebrities and socialites have been spotted around town with the new Chanel Boy bags which capture the simplistic and terribly chic essence of Coco Chanel.

The Chanel boy bag range is named after Chanel's great love, Boy Capel who betrayed her by marrying another woman but they still continued their affair to the day he tragically passed away in a car crash. The eerily nostalgic bags are fashioned after a cartridge bag carried by hunters that Coco was fond of.

The simple yet very elegant bags are made from luxurious glazed calfskin accented with strong hardware in a choice of silver or brass. The bags comes in an array of shapes from perfect daytime tote to a petite evening clutch. The bags come in subtle colors like white, black, green, red, and grey.

In a city like Delhi where logo flashing is a way of life the new Chanel range is made for those very few in the know. For more information visit,, Starting at $2500.

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