Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kalla Haute Couture à Pampilles From Vacheron Constantin

The tradition of “secret” watches that enabled 19th century watch wearers to check time in an exquisitely discreet manner is revived with this couture timepiece. Over 156 carats of diamonds in a combination of brilliant, princess and flame-cut diamonds grace the watch. The precious stones conceal an entire diamond-paved dial. Perfect for the lady who is, "quick to blush but never short of a witty reply."

Vacheron Constantin unveiled an extremely unique diamond cut – the flame – which is the only one of its kind to feature a right and left cut for exceptional brilliance. The flame cut is now a signature and exclusive feature of the brand.

With the subtle motion of four delicate mobile strands, the Kalla Haute Couture à Pampilles literally comes to life on the wrist. In 2001, the elegant Lady Kalla won the title of “Montre Joaillerie du Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève” and again in 2009.

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