Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Le'Xa relishing NY Fashion Week

If Lady Gaga's meat stunt wasn't enough here's more for carnivores like us. And with 2 Grammies, 13 MTV Video Award Nominations 8 wins, she seems to get away with murderous fashion. Now she joins the elite club of Celine Dion, JLo, Gwen Stefani, and others by launching her fragrance with Coty Inc. Quite curious but must wait to smell it next Spring when it hits the stores. Looking back in '95, there were just 10 Asian sounding names; now there are easily more than 30 designers of Asian Origin at the NY Fashion Week. Dad would've loved this…Asian- American week of fun. Capturing the Kill-Bill armor like fantasy Vera Wang gave us some Obi belts and interesting quilted mini-vests. Great layering ideas for workwear... Halston Heritage went scarlet with its absolutely ravishing President. The NY Sex Idol Sarah Jessica Parker, laughed around in a scarlet jersey dress. The line up so far had fresh and familiar sounding names...Elie Tahari had a laid back take on the 70s Retro sporty America. Loved the use of completely different natural fabrics…Denims with Paisely print silks.The studio Front Row dazzled for Luca Luca's show, with Beth Ostrsky, Debra Cox and the other Knowles (Solange). Greek Chignon's caught my eye!…the delicate ultra feminine fine silk and hair can be excellent for a special daywear look. Its like, you can't love animals and Dennis at the same time. Known for crazy fur ideas, Dennis Brasso played interesting looks with his Venus de Milo inspiration. Couldn't stop myself from asking for more. My hot pick, would still be the next big Holiday thing definitely, the 'weave' peek-a-boo Rosa Cha Swimwear in a Good morning colour pallet. To sum up, I'd quote the daddy of Fashion himself Lagerfeld who said, "You cant look to the past." People yet again bowed down to him at the Chanel Soho re-opening party…

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